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How to destroy your fish stocks in two easy steps


  1. Commission extensive research into sustainable fishing levels for each fish.
  2. Disregard entirely.

In 2008, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea recommended that cod stocks in the Celtic Sea had collapsed and should not be fished that year. The EU disagreed, and set their quota at 4,300 tonnes. Stocks of North Sea whiting can only sustain a yield of 5,000 tonnes a year. The EU decided they would allow 17,850. Traditionally, the politicians set the quotas 25-35% higher than the scientists recommend.

Consequently, the European Commission reports that 88% of the EU’s fish stocks are overfished. 93% of North Cod are caught before they have a chance to reproduce.

Worldwide, a third of global fish stocks are over-exploited. At current rates of consumption, seafood will be completely off the menu by 2048.


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