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Exorcising Westfield

We were lucky enough to have the Reverend Billy drop by the Transition conference last weekend. He interrupted his schedule of Tesco exorcisms and ‘fabulous worships’ to encourage us all with a shout of ‘earthalujah’. I think most of the audience was a little bemused.

If you are familiar with the good reverend, you may have already noticed he is currently on tour around the UK with his church of life after shopping.

“The United Kingdom has been rocked by the G20 and their Parliament’s scandalous shopping habits” he says on the Rev Billy site, “they need the Life After Shopping Gospel!”

The choir are performing in a series on concerts, but of course the best place to see Billy in action is on the front lines of the spiritual war on consumerism, and where better than the great temple of Westfield? There will be a healing mission in Westfield shopping centre on saturday. Meet on Shepherds Bush Green at 4pm if you’d like to be part of it.

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