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Save the West with undevelopment aid

Aid usually flows one way – the rich world attempting to sort out the problems of the poor. But what if you turn it on its head for a change? What if the developing world got to have a go?

“We have been focus­ing our energy and resources on try­ing to solve our Devel­op­ing World prob­lems to become more like the First World” say the organisers of a rather unique competition. “But per­haps it is time that we, the so called Third World minds, focused our energy and cre­ativ­ity on solv­ing some of the First World prob­lems.”

The competition is Design for the First World, where designers and artists from the developing world will generate ideas for solving the rich world’s problems – obesity, aging populations, over-consumption, and integration of immigrants.

Millions of people in the developed world live lives of grinding affluence. What kind of aid project could you devise that would help to free the West from the wealth traps that we find ourselves in?

Projects need to be submitted by the 1st of July, and there will be a $1ooo prize and an exhibition of winning ideas. Only those born in the developing world need apply.

HT Transforming Cultures

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