What we learned this week

If you had $1,000 to give to help stop climate change, where would you make those donations? Grist ask the question and get part way to an answer.

Pollution is a racial justice issue, and that is more widely known in the US than in Britain. Good article on the subject by the World Resources Institute.

On the subject of justice, half of all global emissions from aviation are from 1% of the global population.

Assembly is the magazine from the Malala Foundation, and the latest issue is guest edited by Greta Thunberg. Assembly publishes “original work by girls, for girls”, but when these two work together, you want to pay attention.

An aspect of climate change that is rarely discussed, and even more rarely among the developing countries that are most vulnerable – so good work by Vice in addressing PTSD in children in Zimbabwe following cyclone Idai.

The government announced its 10 point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. I haven’t written about it because everyone else has, but I’m going to come back to it in future posts. In the meantime, here are the ten points and the government’s plans in more detail.

This week’s posts, for those catching up:

What we learned this week

Ripple is a new energy start-up that is inviting customers to buy shares in a wind farm, making it the first to be owned by its customers. There are community energy groups that might argue that’s only true as a technicality, but it’s still a good idea that supports energy democracy. Canada has set out […]

Building of the week: The Wintles

The Wintles is a sustainable housing development that I’ve heard lots about, but I was reminded of it recently and remembered that I’d never actually written about it on the blog. So let’s put that right. The Living Villages Trust is an organisation that builds villages rather than housing developments, and the Wintles is their […]

10 quotes on climate and race

The connections between climate change and race are not something that’s well understood, and some people are cynical about the whole idea. “Did you know that climate change was racist?” wrote Rod Liddle in The Sun. “I suppose it had to be, didn’t it? I mean everything else is racist.” Liddle seems to assume that […]

What to make of the Sky Diamond?

F Scott Fitzgerald, best known for The Great Gatsby, published a novella in 1922 called The Diamond as Big as the Ritz. It tells the story of a family who own a mountain that is made entirely of diamond, and the lengths they go to in order to protect it. One of the ironies of […]

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