What we learned this week

“Over the next decade, our superblock plan will transform the entire central grid of the city into a greener, pedestrian-friendly and almost car-free area” – the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, writes in the Guardian about the city’s ambitious plans.

Five years after the Paris Agreement, Climate Change News rounds up what has worked and what hasn’t so far.

Georgia senator David Perdue is a noisy climate denier who encouraged Trump to pull out of the Paris Agreement. But, says The Intercept, a stone’s throw from his own house is a sea wall erected to protect his neighbourhood from rising sea levels.

I was very disappointed to learn that The Correspondent, a new reader-supported news platform that I have really enjoyed this year, is to close. It was brilliant and would have worked in almost any year but 2020.

Thanks to those of you who have been using Earthbound Books, which is going well. Just a reminder that if you’re buying books for Christmas, the 16th is the last day to process orders.

Speaking of books, some good news this week on that front. I’ve had an offer for my book on climate and race, with plans to publish next year. Still discussing details at the moment, but I hope to be able to confirm things and tell you more next week.


The huge impact of private jets

A mile down the road from my house is Luton Airport, currently Britain’s fifth largest airport. When it comes to private jets however, it’s number one – or at least it was pre-pandemic. More private jets come and go from Luton than from any other UK airport, with Harrods Aviation and Signature both based there. […]

UK is not yet on track for net zero

The Climate Change Committee is the government’s official climate advisory body, and last week they delivered their latest progress report. Their headline conclusion is that “current programmes will not deliver net zero”, and that there are “major failures in delivery” beyond a couple of well performing sectors. In the last decade, Britain has made major […]

Book review: Regenesis, by George Monbiot

George Monbiot has made a career out of saying unpopular things and challenging the status quo, always with painstaking research and investigative dilligence. In his latest book he turns his attention to farming and the global food system, and it’s a formidable piece of work. There’s no introduction in Regenesis. No preface or sense of […]

What we learned this week

“What the agriculture sector needs right now is a Bean New Deal – a large scale investment in legume production, and a snazzy brand campaign to boot” argues Matthew Miles Goodrich in The Nation. The latest issue of the Zero Carbon Newsletter is out, if you want to catch up with my more local activities […]


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