I am an experienced public speaker on the topics of climate change, consumerism and new economics, with a current focus on the intersection of climate change and race. As well as conferences, festivals and events, I regularly speak at schools and churches. If you would like to book me for a talk or as a contributing panelist, email:

For details of my events for children, see my children’s author website.


Climate change and race
October 20th, 6:30-8pm
Details TBC


Greenbelt festival
26th – 29th August
I’ll be doing an event on climate and race,
and another with my children’s author hat on.

Climate Sunday, Ely Cathedral
October 2nd, 12:15
Part of a day of speakers and workshops at Ely Cathedral.

Climate and Race for Fairer World Lindfield
Climate and race for XR Southwark
Economics of Arrival for Bristol University Press
Is climate change racist? for Festival for Change
Speech on the right to protest, Luton
Doing what we can, for Stopsley Baptist Church


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