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  1. hello
    i saw this on your interesting bl0g – i wondered if you remembered who the artist was? i want to put it on my blog as inspiration and wanted to credit the artist.
    keep up the good work.
    many thanks,

  2. The info on re-manufactured tyres is direct contradiction to a programme on the Radio about a year ago – how does one discover the TRUTH which will set us free?? My garage said the same thing

    1. I’d be interested to know which radio programme, because legally they have to be the same standard as new ones. Regular drivers don’t seem to know about this and believe them to be inferior, but bus, truck and taxis fleets often use retreads and save money.

      It didn’t use to be the case, and perhaps in some countries the retreading technology isn’t up to par. But if you’re buying retreads from a reputable source, they should be every bit as good.

    2. na – almost 4 years later, but, ‘better late than never’! Finding THE truth which will SET US FREE is not about tyres. If you want to know more ‘Ask and you shall receive’.

  3. Great work! Just one little thing which irritated me: it says you grew up in “Africa” and now live in “Luton, UK”. Why so unspecific when it comes to Africa but so much detail when it comes to Europe? #africaisnotacountry

  4. I want you to know we all need faith.A women I know has what look like horns of god like in Habakkuk on both hands. When she sings El Shaddai the lion of juda shows up on her ceiling,and I’m not kidding. When she singsher voice is so angelic the world stops . If you want to have faith this chaplain has found it. So god bless to you all. What you wrote amazing

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