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Talk: Climate change and race

I’ve been doing a lot of speaking recently, and I thought I’d share the general gist of what I’ve been presenting. I tweak my presentation for different audiences and contexts, but this recent talk for Fairer World Lindfield and Green Books is pretty representative and seemed like a good one to re-post. Thank you to them for making the recording available.

I’ve given similar talks to universities, NGOs, schools, churches, conferences and others in the last couple of months. I will talk about climate change and race to anyone who wants to have the conversation, so get in touch if you’d like me to speak to your group.

I’m aware that I speak from a position of privilege. I can’t really help that, and I certainly don’t think that keeping silent is a better option. But I don’t want to take opportunities from others better placed to talk about this than l am, so if you’re thinking of hosting an event on climate and race, don’t just invite me! Find the local activists of colour who can speak too (or instead). Drop me a line if you want some suggestions.

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