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Last week the Vatican held a conference on climate change, and the pope has called on Catholics to care for God’s creation. It’s good to see the Vatican taking an interest in environmental concerns. They have always spoken up on development and social justice, but have traditionally advocated that people should come first, and environmental issues haven’t been a priority. Pope Benedict has summed up a change of approach with this statement: “disregard for the environment always harms human coexistence, and vice versa.”

That’s a great summary, and something we would agree with on Make Wealth History. It’s why we talk about consumerism, social justice, and the environment in the same place – they all impact on each other and are fundamentally inseparable. People can’t be disconnected from the land they live on, we are part of the ecosystem. Good development work needs to consider the impact on the environment, and good environmental projects need to work alongside the society and culture of local people. People and place always go together.


  1. Thanks for finding this news. I checked the major polish newspapers’ websites and found nothing about it, just a little mention on one catholic site. And usually there’s a lot of news about Vatican etc. Seeems like Poland is not really interested in this part of papal teaching…

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