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We mentioned the pope’s interest in the environment a little while ago, and we’re now seeing some action to back up the words. The Vatican is supporting a large scale re-forestation project in Hungary’s Bukk National Park, that will essentially make the Vatican carbon neutral. It is also investing in solar power, according to an article in Forbes.

On the Anglican side, the bishop of London has taken a much publicised year long ‘fast’ from flying. His views were featured in a recent Guardian article, the green cross code. The Church of England has launched a major initiative called shrinking the footprint, which aims to create a ‘40% church’ in emissions terms.

Christians are called to a life of putting others before themselves, which is essentially what the environmental crisis requires us to do in putting the future before the present. It is right for the church to take a lead in this and demonstrate that it is possible, and I’m glad to see these initiatives underway.

If you’re in a church and want to tackle these issues, Eco-congregation have all the information you need to work out how.

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