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Camp for climate change

Climate change campaignersThis is a news story I’ve got my eye on this week, as the build up to it and the scale of the police presence make it slightly worrying. If you haven’t heard of it, Camp for climate change is a protest at air travel generally, and specifically the plans to build a third runway at Heathrow. Participants will camp in a field near the airport all week, and take part in 24 hours of direct action on sunday.

BAA, who run Heathrow, had sought a huge injuction against the protests, which they didn’t get. Instead, a huge police force will attempt to keep the airport running as usual. With thousands of protestors determined to make their point, and hundreds of police officers out to stop them, the protest planners have some tricky decisions on their hands. There will be rogue protestors, those out to cause trouble and criminal damage, and the authorities may well be looking for an excuse to use heavier tactics. It looks like something of a powder-keg, and the last thing the environmental movement needs now is a Seattle 1999 style riot. Climate change is enjoying unprecedented coverage at the moment, and we don’t want that compromised by a militant fringe.
Anyway, keep an eye on it, pray it will go peacefully, and there’s an open invite to attend if you want to take part.

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