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Rising tides

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I just finished a useful book today that I thought I’d mention. Rory Spowers’ ‘Rising Tides‘ is on the surface a history of the environmental movement, but the sweep of it makes it more significant than that. Taking in the book of Genesis, the ancient Greeks, the Romantic tradition, the industrial revolution, and right into the modern era, it’s really useful to see the way people’s attitudes to the earth have changed. It’s also interesting to pick up on the early roots of today’s environmental movement, such as Gerard Winstanley and the Diggers, sticking it to the man back in 1649.
It’s also opened up, as all good books do, a pile of other things I need to look up, like the link between television and consumption. I’ve read about that before, but I clearly need to again.

Anyway, if you come across Rising Tides, pick up a copy. You’ll probably want to ignore a couple of things, particularly the insinuated conspiracy theory over foot and mouth, but overall it’s helpful. Especially towards the end, where the tone is much more hopeful than many.


  1. Yes, although most people seem to read Genesis as a divine right to exploit the earth. I think it’s meant to be more about stewardship. Some bits of the Old Testament where I see strong environmental ideas would include the last chapters of Job, and Isaiah 40, where God talks about his creation. Human responsibility within that comes up in Leviticus 26, or Hosea 4, and there must be loads more too. I’ll have to do a proper study on it sometime.

    Check out the faith category on the right too.

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