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Seasonal eating – January

This was a bit of a challenge to me for this year, to eat more seasonal food. I started in December because I was excited about it, and you can read my reasons for it in that post. Hopefully I’ll have a whole year of exploring what’s good for each month, picking a seasonal vegetable every week and trying some new recipes. Join me if you like.

December wasn’t an easy place to start, it has to be said. I enjoyed the leeks and spinach, and I got on okay with the parsnips. I wasn’t sure quite what to do with a squash, but I learned and I’m now a fan. The only one that didn’t really work was the beetroot. It tended to arrogantly take over everything else in both taste and colour. January has it’s challenges too – lots of roots and wintery leaves.

Anyway, good things to eat in January are swede, parsnips, potatoes, chicory, celery, cabbages of all kinds. Leeks are still in season, and so are sprouts and artichokes, with pears and rhubarb for afters.

The River Cottage seasonality tables have more, and although the lists are similar, US readers might want to check out regional differences on eat the seasons.

Incidentally, I’m looking for a seasonal eating wall calendar for my kitchen. It seems like the most obvious way to keep track of these things, but I can’t find one. I might make my own, but if you know of anyone who prints one, let me know!

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