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Chicken Out! Campaign Sign-upFrom the activity on the search engines it seems there’s a bit of a buzz around Hugh’s Chicken Run, which I mentioned the other day. I thought I might follow it up quickly with some further links.
If you’ve seen the programmes and would like to sign the petition, visit The number of signatories has doubled in the last two days, which is good to see.

If you’re convinced you never wish to eat cheap supermarket bird again, check out the friendly-looking Free Range Review to see where to buy good local chicken in your area.

For more information on the ethical treatment of animals, Compassion in World Farming is a useful source of news, while the Soil Association continues to lead the way on good agriculture both in organics and free range.

Meanwhile in the egg debate, the co-op has announced it will no longer stock eggs from battery hens, leaving just Tesco and Asda holding out on their right to keep hens in cages.  Jamie Oliver will be looking at the egg debate in his own contribution to channel four’s food season in his Jamie’s Fowl Dinners, showing on friday at 9pm.


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