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International Downshifting Week

The 19th to the 25th of April is International Downshifting Week.

Four years in, and National Downshifting Week has gone International, which shows the demand for what the organisers describe as “tipping the favour of the work/life balance in favour of life.”

Downshifting is a purposeful re-adjustment of the pace of life, a slowing down and re-setting of priorities. At it’s most extreme, that may involve moving, getting a new job, or going part time. But it doesn’t have to be that radical. Any movement to slow down counts, and Downshifting Week encourages us all to make those moves together, a collective statement of intent.

Some people downshift for health reasons, to reduce their stress levels and avoid burnout. More often than not it’s about time. People want more time for their partners, children, or community, or for their gardens,their hobbies and interests. So, Downshifting Week is a good time to do a time audit. And since our wealth and our free time seem to be in inverse proportion to each other, it’s a good time to look at ways to save money. If we can learn to live with less, we can afford to work less, and then we’ll have our time back. Ultimately, the exchange of time for money is a bad bargain.

There are lots of ways to take part in Donwshifting Week. Quit your job and go and live in a treehouse if you like (you know you want to).  Or, you could play a board game, bake a loaf of bread, shop at the market for a change, or cook something exotic from scratch. There are many ways to reconnect, and drop a gear even for an evening. Check out the how to take part pages of the site for more.


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for your kind words about the campaign and I am sure others will connect with what you’ve said – it ‘is’ about making simple changes and re-arranging your time and money budgets, all of which contribute to a better work/life balance.

    Wishing you all the best too,
    TS x

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