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The dark side of Coca Cola

I was browsing some online documentaries this evening and came across Mark ThomasDispatches episode on Coca Cola. I won’t post the whole thing here, but below is part one, with links to the whole programme underneath. They deny everything of course, but Mark Thomas finds evidence of child labour, meets union workers who have been threatened by death squads in Colombia, visits polluted rivers in El Salvador, and tries to correct the tour guides in the Coke museum about their company’s involvement with Nazi Germany. The programme was shown on Channel Four in November 07. Our previous entry on Coca Cola can be found here. It’s one of our most read, for some reason.

Part twoPart threePart fourPart five

Coca Cola’s reaction to the programme –


  1. Thats some mad stuff going on there. I must say I am shocked as a coca cola employee. All you have to do is look what they done to Drogheda Concentrates, They closed it because they were unionised.

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