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Help get aviation emissions into the climate change bill Parliament is currently debating the climate change bill, an important document that would make the UK the first country in the world to formally bring preventing climate change into law. Unfortunately there are several gaping holes in the current draft. The biggest hole is that the targets doesn’t count emissions from aviation. There is absolutely no good reason for this. It is simply ducking the issue to avoid upsetting the aviation lobby. We could end up with a bill that clamps down on emissions from all sources except the fastest growing source of them – aviation.

So, writing to your MP to set this straight is an easy and urgent little thing that we can all do to fix this oversight. Making it as easy as possible, Friends of the Earth have launched a neat little site called The Big Ask, where you can book a seat on a virtual flight to the Houses of Parliament. It’ll take you five minutes to log in and send an email to your MP, and it’s fun. I’m seat 452J. Get on board here.


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