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dangerous ground

“For millions of people, the ground is a dangerous place to be. Watch to see if we could walk around 50,000 square meters of London without touching the ground.”

The Dangerous Ground project is raising money to clear a 50,000 square metre minefield in Cambodia, and this is their highly successful viral video. I’m posting it because it’s a great example of creative campaigning, and because it raises an issue that we don’t hear about very often.

Although the civil was ended in 1997, in the last ten years Cambodia has seen 20,000 deaths and 43,000 injuries from landmines. Over three quarters of these were civilians.

The following countries still manufacture landmines: Burma, China, India, Nepal, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam, Iran, Cuba, Russia, and the United States.

For more information on landmines, visit the ICBL website.



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  1. I am Cambodian and would like to thank all those involved in this project. I am also proud of Cambodian UN deminers who are helping clear mines in Sudan and Afghanistan drawing upon their experience from work at home. Thanks for sharing.

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