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Conservation and development in Madagascar

Governments of developing countries face something of a quandary when it comes to conservation. They are urged to preserve wildlife, invest more in protected areas, and halt deforestation and biodiversity loss, but they have to balance this with development and poverty alleviation. How do you choose between people and the environment?

Madagascar is a country that illustrates this problem perfectly. It is the world’s most important biodiversity hotspot, but a large percentage of the population live in poverty. It has more to lose from getting this balance wrong than anywhere else on the planet. Fortunately it’s getting it right, and proving that conservation and development don’t need to be competing priorities…. continue reading on Celsias.

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  1. The problem of the world is greed – hunger for profits. Third wold governments, or people running them, know what is good and what is bad. But people are trap to their self destruct nature.

    Let’s take biofuels for cleaner air. That’s good. Reforestation of denuded forestlands. Again that is good. In practice:

    Jatropha curcas and Cassava plantations by big corporations backed by government in denuded forestlands in line with biofuels program and “reforestation”. They wont need to buy or to lease lands. With tax incentives too.

    Meanwhile lands that are already for agriculture, or classified agricultural lands, remain idle or under-developed and simple farmers who own them are destitute and hungry – neglected by their governments.

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