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Unfairtrade stickers

Some toys for you. We’ve just made some Unfairtrade stickers. Each one is stamp-sized, at 2x2cm, which makes them perfect for surreptitiously applying to non-fairtrade grocery items.

I’m going to see if I can make them properly orderable at some point, but for now you have to half make them yourself. Just download one or both of these images on the left, go to, and upload it into a sticker album. They’ll print you a little book of 96 stickers for £4.99 and send it to you.

I’d suggest using the stickers on your friends first. Raid their cupboards when they’re not looking, and apply the labels appropriately. Start with products like coffee, tea, bananas, sugar, things where fairtrade versions are readily available, and there’s no excuse for not supporting them. Like this:

It would be fun to get sticker-happy in the shops too wouldn’t it? Please bear in mind that if anyone gets upset and googles ‘unfairtrade stickers’, they’ll find me, not you. So remember, I told you not to – adding Unfairtrade stickers to products in a shop would be a wicked and reprehensible thing to do.

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