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Seasonal eating – August is a happy month for the seasonal eater. Time to load up on the jolly summer peppers, sweetcorn and peas. Courgettes and aubergines are about, which together spell ratatouille, enjoyed this week in the Williams household. New potatoes, carrots and onions are also being harvested right now, and broccoli, leeks and beans.

On the fruit front, look out for gooseberries and loganberries. By the end of the month there will be plums and the first apples. Blackberries are on their way, if you want to get foraging. Speaking of which, Paul has been experimenting with some wild food recently. I will let him tell you about it next time he’s online.

Looking for something a little different? Crayfish are at their best in August, sitting about in the river just waiting to be whisked out and put in a risotto. It’s a good time for crab and lobster too.

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