Five household waste pioneers

I’ve been throwing out an inordinate amount of rubbish recently, as my wife and I shake off years of living like students and start setting up home properly. We’ve both got rid of a fair amount of stuff, which has gone to charity shops for the most part, but it’s the new stuff that posed the biggest waste problem. We’ve been acquiring furniture, appliances, kitchenware, all sorts, and while the second hand things come as they are, all the new ones arrive in yards of plastic and card. I’ve maxed out the recycling bin, and we have piles of packaging all over the house.

So, while surrounded by so much rubbish, I’ve been thinking about the amount of household waste we produce, and how we can cut back on the amount we throw away once things return to something resembling normal. As I investigate these things, I’ve been grateful for a few household waste pioneers who have been blogging their own efforts. Here are five:

  1. The rubbish diet – down to earth, practical advice from one Mrs A in Bury St Edmunds. She got a book deal for the blog last week, so you should pop over and say congratulations.
  2. Everyday Trash – exploring what we throw away, this blog gets under the skin of our throwaway culture. Lots of inspiring rubbish art too.
  3. Not my bag – for a more journalistic angle, see Chris Jeavans’ bold attempt to de-plastic her life over on the BBC blogs.
  4. Leave only footprints – speaking of plastic, Pam is running a one-woman crusade against the stuff right here.
  5. No impact man – for a really comprehensive approach, there’s still no beating this blog, which seems to be getting better with age.


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