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The Age of Stupid

From the film-makers behind the McLibel documentary comes this ambitious new movie about oil, climate change, and unsustainable lifestyles. It’s based around intertwining human stories, present and future, interspersed with documentary and interview footage. It’s a movie with a message, and it’s not afraid to provoke its audience.

the-age-of-stupidThe film isn’t out until the spring, but I mention it because it’s a community funded movie – so far it’s been made entirely with individual investors and donors. This means it can deliver an uncompromising message without watering it down for Hollywood investors, and lots of people get to be involved in the project, giving their money, time, skills and even appearing as extras. The team will be needing a little more help to finish it off and market it if you fancy joining in. All the details, and the blog updates, are on

If you want to get in on another community-led movie earlier on in the process, check out The entire film will be democratically decided, and they’re currently choosing a direction from a list of one-sentence synopses.

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