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Things we learned this week

The word ‘boredom’ was coined in 1760, the same year that the spinning jenny was invented and the industrial revolution began.

More and more American city-dwellers are keeping chickens, even where it is illegal to do so, leading to a ‘chicken underground‘.

If you spent $1000 on beer this time last year, and then turned in the cans for recycling, you would have made ten times as much money on the scrap tin as you would have made if you’d spent that $1000 on shares in Lehman Brothers.

Salt matters: 60-70% of our planet’s freshwater is stored as ice. Due to climate change, these ice sheets (mostly the polar regions) are melting, dumping mass amounts of freshwater into the oceans. The Great Oceanic Conveyor that consists of the world’s main oceanic currents dictate the our climate and temperature. This flow is predictable and consistent due to a perfect balance of temperature and salinity. The ice melt and subsequent “freshening” of the oceans means that the ratio of salinity to fresh water will be distorted, potentially slowing, altering or even stopping the oceanic current altogether. Should this happen, there is no way of telling how the world’s climate will shift, for better or worse.


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