things we learned this week 5

  • Some good news – Ed Milliband announced this week that the government has upped it’s CO2 emission targets from a 60% reduction to an 80% reduction. This is the ambitious, but entirely necessary, cut that campaigners have been calling for. Here’s Tearfund’s news piece on it.
  • Between 1997 and 2004 the British Government spent approximately 240 hours discussing the hunting ban.
  • Damien Hirst produces 2% of the UK’s solar power. Not personally, you understand, but through the solar panels on the roofs of his three London warehouses. In other renewable energy news, Ethiopia announced its intention to build what will be the world’s largest wind farm.
  • New car registrations are down 26% this year.
  • 143,530 tonnes of live fish were landed by British vessels in 2003 equating to £156,406,075 in value.

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