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The 11th Hour – review The other day a good friend of mine handed me a small skinny box made from 100% recycled material. After reading both sides of the exterior, I slipped open the sleeve and discovered “Together’s 10 easy ways to fight climate change” slotted alongside a DVD resting on a biodegradable tray of paperfoam. These things alone are commendable, particularly in the media where sustainable and recyclable technology such as DVDs, or CDs are hard to come by. It raises the question as to why this isn’t more common? Tangent train aside, I watched The 11th Hour.

Narrated and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio the documentary describes how humanity has reached the 11th hour on the clock of the environmental crisis; the last moment when change is possible. Later described as the 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second, we’re told where the problem started, where it lies today, and what we can do about it. The film does a good job of portraying the extent of which the planet has been exploited and abused through the factual explanations of a number of leading scientists, authors, and other more complicated professions you hardly hear of. The potency of the narrative is dramatically increased by the disturbing images of epic destruction which support and reinforce every point made in the script. The documentary also looks at the issue from a moral as well as scientific view point, taking into account the issue of poverty and wealth. While the featuring experts plead for help in saving the planet, they do so explaining not only why, but how, no matter who or where you are. It is a film relevant to the viewer for no other reason than they live on planet earth. In that respect, i conclude this short review by saying that The 11th Hour is a must see film – If you’re on of those people who remains unsure as to what one person could possibly do to help a planet; start with this film, if at the very least to read the list of “what can you do” on the inside cover. . .

For more on The 11th Hour – see the official site here

For an interview with narrator and producer, Leonardo DiCaprio, read The Ecologist page here.

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