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Shopping for Britain

Just to follow on from yesterday’s post, the BBC have an excellent article online today asking if shopping should be a patriotic duty.

Some great quotes from the participating voices:

“There are millions of choices available to us consumers. But the one choice we seem to have lost is the choice not to shop.” – Neil Boorman (more from him shortly)

“Every time you shop, ask yourself, ‘Does this purchase support or negate the type of change I want to see in the world? Is this purchase life-affirming or soul-draining.’ Then take a deep breath, centre yourself and listen. I think you will know your answer.”- Amanda Ford

Speaking for the other side:

“The way of austerity and only buying things we strictly need leads to Cambodia under Pol Pot, Afghanistan under the Taliban or China under Mao.” – Lucia Van Der Post

“It’s about boosting your self-esteem and giving yourself a reward. We want to lift our mood.” – Michael Gutteridge.


  1. Lucia van der Post also says “And for some, shopping can also be viewed as an assertion of freedom in a capitalist liberal democracy.”

    In a capitalist society, shopping is an example of complying with expectations, not freedom.

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