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A unique opportunity to make wealth history

This week may be a unique opportunity to stop and consider our definitions of wealth. This week saw the UK government double the national debt in an attempt to tackle a crisis that began with bad debts. This weekend is Buy Nothing Day. (Friday in the US, and Saturday in the UK) The event is in its 17th year, but this is perhaps the most significant.

Between these two events, consumerism is suddenly on the agenda in ways it hasn’t been for a long time. We have a window of opportunity to stop and think hard about the unsustainable nature of our economy – socially, financially, and environmentally – and ask some questions about how we really want to live.

To make the most of this rather unique week, we’ve sent our first press release. If you’ve come to the site because of it, thank you for taking us seriously. It would have been nice to wait until we had a logo and a campaign underway, but we’ve taken an opportunity to widen the debate while it was there.
For more information on who we are and what we are about, please see our information page, our latest post on shopping, this post on ecological overshoot, or these background posts on living beyond our means, and the dead end economy.

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