Shop attendant killed by stampeding bargain hunters

A 34 year old man was killed today when impatient crowds outside a New York Wal-Mart broke down the doors and stampeded into the store. Four shoppers were also hurt in the rush, including a pregnant woman. The shop was due to open at 5am, offering discounts of up to 70% off electronics items, and a crowd of around 2,000 had formed outside. The shop attendant tried to hold the crowd back, and was trampled to death.

Today is the busiest shopping day in the US. It is called Black Friday.

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  1. I wondered if you’d cover this when I first saw it in the news.

    What amazed me most, though, that this was for $19 (~£10) DVD players. That’s a low price, yes, but I would not expect it to be stampede low, given £15 DVD players are quite readily available all year round.

  2. Welcome to America, where people really will risk their lives to save a few hundred bucks. Ah yes, this all in the spirit of Christmas of course!

    So sad…

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