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Consumerism is the crack cocaine of human wellbeing

I might as well just post a nef quote of the week at this rate, but to my mind the nef triple crunch blog continues to prove that they are the organisation of the hour. Here’s Andrew Simms on consumerism:

“Economic activity is not an end in itself. It is a means to ensure relatively long and satisfied lives. So, we should ask, how fit for purpose is conspicuous consumption in achieving that goal? On this, the literature is quite conclusive: consumerism turns out to be the crack cocaine of human wellbeing. It delivers a short-term high that quickly fades.”

“… Relentlessly, the UK government presses every button to try to reboot the economy to business-as-usual. They miss that the current, extraordinary period is the best, possibly last and only chance we will have to change our economy and lifestyles. It’s time to get off the consumer treadmill, and onto a path that will not take us over the climate cliff. What will drop first, our shopping legs or our illusions?”

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