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Casualties so far in the Israel – Palestine conflict

israel-palestineI wouldn’t normally comment on these kinds of stories, but in the paper today is a report that Israel has dropped leaflets across Palestine warning the people to expect an imminent escalation in the conflict.

On friday the UN’s human rights chief accused Israel of war crimes, while the US opted out of a UN call for a ceasefire. Easy to see why Naomi Klein calls today for a boycott of Israel, much like South Africa experienced over apartheid.

I don’t know what the best approach is. I respect Israel’s right to defend its borders and I sympathise with their position, but a simple glance at the casualty figures so far reveals a deep injustice in this conflict. A ceasefire is surely necessary and urgent.

Update: Share The World’s Resources have a useful series of articles exploring the background and the solutions to the Gaza conflict. Start here, at ‘Gaza: a cry for justice‘.

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