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Put People First march, 28/3/09

The G20 leaders will meet in London to discuss the global financial crisis in March. Since government intervention so far has only propped up the existing system, an alliance of charities and campaign groups is taking the opportunity to remind them of what matters most, and what their priority needs to be: people.

“The financial system is broken, at great cost to the earth and its poorest communities. We can do better. As global leaders gather in London to fix the mess, make sure they don’t leave out the most important part – people.”

The march has these three demands:

  • Put People First – Decent jobs and public services for all
  • Put People First – End global inequality
  • Put People First – Build a green economy

If you want to come along, the crowds will assemble from 11am at London’s Embankment. Turnout is expected to be very large.

(March 28th was also the date for the Breathe Conference. We moved it – see above.)

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  1. I would stress that if we actually want to advance the idea of green jobs we should be working to get Jerry Hicks elected…ballot papers going out this weekend.

    I think we need to be very hard nosed, times are increasingly desperate (economically and ecologically) and we have to back people like Jerry…ditto for the indigenous, any statement of green politics that is realistic needs to be supporting indigenous people who are ofcourse very much on the advance politically in Latin America.

    goes without saying that real green politics has to be ecosocialist and challenge capitalism…

    Likewise why not a conference on Cuba’s construction of a green economy they are about the only people on the planet who have done so rather than talked about doing so!

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