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My sister sent me a link to Landshare last week. It’s Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s next project, after the success of the Chicken Out campaign. This one’s all about growing your own food, and not letting lack of space stand in your way.

On the Landshare website you can register as a grower, landowner, or land-spotter. People who want to grow vegetables or fruit but don’t have gardens will be matched up with people who have land they’re not using. Others will spot and recommend unused land in their towns that could be turned into community gardens.

I’ll let Hugh tell you about it:

Landshare will be launched in the spring, but you can register your interest on the website in advance.

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  1. There is also a website which many people will find of interest in searching for allotment space or other land sources. The site is is a new site, still in its infancy which is providing an innovative solution to the lack of available and cost efficient space. It works by allowing individual people or businesses to create listings to advertise their free or unused space.

    In addition to advertising garden space or unused land, user can also list other types of space including car parking spaces, driveways, garages, storage space (sheds or barns for example) car sharing spaces, accommodation or even a person’s own property itself should they happen to live near an area where there is a shortfall of accommodation. This can even be listed for very short term use for example if you lived near an event such as a music festival or a sports tournament, you could list and state it is for that period only.

    The Spareground site also allows users to create listings to request any space or property they are looking for.

    The good thing is it’s free to use.

    There are no costs to list, or to look at the listings.

    The philosophy of the site is to use the space we already have in an ethical and economically viable manner.

    I am trying to promote this website as extensively as I can thorughout the UK as I feel its something that could be of relevance to many people at some point in their lives.
    If you have any further questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. Sharing land and gardens is a great idea. I also believe that many more things can be shared, through joint ownership and longer term recurring rentals, or fractional rental (one week a month etc). enables people to find like-minded partners to share just about anything valuable that isn’t used for much of the time. This could be property, boats, horses, motorhomes, swimming pools, and of course gardens for fruit and veg!

  3. Great! I’ve always thought people should be able to share lawnmowers and power tools. Surely you don’t need them often enough to need your own.

  4. My wife and i just agreed to take on a fantastic peice of walled garden next to an old georgian country house, through landshare.

    a great idea, the owners did not have the time to work the garden themselves, we have time but no land, perfect!

    we are just starting out, but i am planning to blog our progress so check it out if you are interested (once the snow stops and we can get digging!

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