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two bits of good news

Some good news on two stories we’ve been following here on Make Wealth History:

First up, the UK’s biggest landowner has thrown it’s weight behind the Landshare project. The National Trust will make make 1,000 new allotments available at 40 sites around the country. They estimate that the new land would be able to produce “2.6 million lettuces per year, 50,000 sacks of potatoes or, alternatively, mixed produce worth up to an estimated £ 1.5 million.”

This really puts Landshare on the map, and will ease the 100,000 waiting list for allotments.

More about landshare here.

Secondly, Gordon Brown has announced a new round of action on tax havens. “We want the whole of the world to take action” he told a press conference at Downing Street. “That will mean action against regulatory and tax havens in parts of the world which have escaped the regulatory attention they need. The changes we make will have to apply to all jurisdictions around the world.”

More on tax havens here.

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