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State of the Planet – the Earth Institute blog

The Earth Institute launched a blog last month. Contributors include John McArthur, head of Millennium Promise, and Jeffrey Sachs, author of The End of Poverty and Commonwealth. Should be a blog worth keeping an eye on.

Here’s their own introduction:

“With close to a thousand scientists, researchers and staff representing the Earth Institute on every ocean and every continent, the full scope of our work is practically impossible to grasp in any single medium. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try. From expeditions through the Southern Ocean to cramped labs in Manhattan, something new is being discovered each day. We’ll try to capture stories, opinions and thoughts of how the Earth works and how we can sustainably make our lives here better. We will do it by tapping the best minds in climate, geology, oceanography, ecology, sustainable development, global health, energy, food and water, and more. We hope you will continue to check back with us on this site to learn, debate and spread the word about how you can be a part of the critical work that is shaping how we live.”

Visit the blog here.

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