climate change events


If you’re dropping by from the Love Luton Q+A last night, welcome. It was great to meet you all.

I neglected to mention any books yesterday, which was remiss of me. If you’re only going to read one book on climate change, I’d recommend George Marshall’s ‘Carbon Detox‘, which is funny, wise, and deals with the psychology of it all as well as a step by step guide to cutting your footprint down to size. Not everyone finds fear a good motivator, but Mark Lynas’ ‘Six Degrees’ will give you the required chills if you do. ‘Heat’, by George Monbiot is a broad, informative and practical read, and ‘The Rough Guide to Climate Change’ is also very good for explaining the science and the solutions.

If you’re interested in Transition Towns, the Transition Network site is here, or you could read the introduction to a series of articles about them on Celsias.


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