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The End of the Line puts sustainable fishing on the agenda

The documentary ‘The End of the Line‘ has had a considerable impact over the past couple of weeks. Since the film’s release release, the sandwich chain Pret a Manger has stopped selling tuna, and major retailer Marks and Spencer have committed to only selling sustainably caught tuna. A series of well known chefs have pledged to support sustainable fishing through their menus, and a string of celebrities have stepped up to endorse the campaign. In what is perhaps an endorsement too far, a number of celebrities have posed naked with wet fish, to the delight of newspaper picture editors nationwide.

Fashionable restaurant chain Nobu has also been in the firing line over the film. Their current menu features Bluefin Tuna, which is endangered. When challenged over this in the movie, the restaurant refused to remove it from the menu, but they did add a little footnote saying it was endangered, so that customers could ‘make an informed decision’. This has obviously generated a storm of negative publicity, and campaigners remain optimistic that they will cave into public pressure.

Whether any of this will translate into better fisheries policy from the EU, or better international monitoring remains to be seen. One thing is certain – the issue of sustainable fishing is suddenly on the agenda, and the producers of The End of the Line have done us all a great service and it’s great to see a film make such impact.

If you are a tinned tuna fan, by the way, you may be interested in Greenpeace’s sustainable tuna league table below.

This is not a complete list, just the main retailers. Smaller specialists such as Fish4ever will be better, but as a simple guide, here’s who serves up the best tinned tuna:


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it comes to Seattle!

    By the way, the link to your older post has a repetitive “http://” and doesn’t work. 🙂

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