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Guest post: hands off the Green Jack

Thanks for all the support and for making a big fuss about Electricite de France and their silly antics with our flag. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were trying to kill us off!

The Green Jack has been at the heart of all we do for a long time now so we are going to have to take it back.

This is Nuclear energy jumping on the bandwagon of Green Britain and of Climate Change. Maybe the reason EDF don’t make so much fuss about renewable investment is this – EDF spent about a fiver per customer in the last five years building new renewables – less in total than the cost of this Green Britain campaign and the Olympics – that’s less money spent on doing green than talking it up.

That’s the reality at the heart of EDF’s green makeover. It’s about kudos for EDF. Image not action.

Green Britain needs to be a very big tent indeed, big enough even for EDF and the rest of the big six energy companies. But it’s not big enough for pretenders, those hiding corporate goals, behind green smoke screens. Or for the unethical.

Taking someone else’s identity is just not acceptable. It’s a very bad start!

My advice to EDF is this – be who you are, don’t pretend to be something or someone you are not. Be proud to be French and Nuclear, sell us that. Use your massive resources to create your own identity. Better yet use those resources to actually do something actually green, if you’re serious but just misunderstood…. 🙂

Oh and stop using our flag pronto because we just won’t stand for it. I’m all for a Green Britain but not the kind EDF appear to have in mind.

Dale Vince
Founder, Ecotricity

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