The Bigger Picture 2009

big pictureGet your diaries out, this looks like a great event. The Bigger Picture is a one-day festival on London’s South Bank. Here’s the blurb:

“Economic turmoil and social upheaval coupled with the threat of runaway climate change have revealed major failings in the current system. In response, nef has brought together a range of organisations and individuals to share a vision of the world as it could be. We believe that the great transition to a new economy begins with a potent mix of hope, creativity, practicality and fun. Collectively we already have many of the ideas, policies and resources that can deliver greater human well-being and social justice within environmental limits. But a huge shift is still needed to make change happen. We think 2009 will mark the start of that shift.”

Speakers include Andrew Simms, David Boyle, Jeremy Leggett, Anne Pettifor, Jay Griffiths, and Tom Hodgkinson. Did I mention it’s a free event?

A dozen of my favourite thinkers will all be there in one place, for one day only. And what would you know, I have a wedding that day. darn.

If you’re going, let me know if you’d be interested in reporting back in a Make Wealth History guest post.

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