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Get your car dependency scorecard

How does your area score on car dependency? The Campaign for Better Transport has rated the whole of Britain for how dependent it is on private motoring. The north-west fared best, with low traffic volumes making cycling more appealing, and useful bus and tram routes. Unfortunately, even the best area of the country could only manage a C+.

At the other end of the spectrum, the west midlands were deemed the worst, the population too spread out and heavily dependent on the automobile, especially in rural areas.

“Car dependency is hurting people’s health, communities and the environment,” said executive director Stephen Joseph. “Our new scorecard shows that while car dependency is a big problem it is not inevitable. In each region, there are initiatives helping to reduce car dependency. But more needs to be done. We want local councils to take action in their upcoming local transport plans and spend on projects that will make it easy for people to get out of their cars, and we want the Government to set policies and funding so that car dependency is reduced.”

The report used 34 separate indicators to measure car dependence, including speed, affordability and reliability of public transport, and local transport policy. The report will be repeated annually, as a measure of progress.

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