What we learned this week

Nicolas Sarkozy turns out to be one of those rare politicians who questions the wisdom of GDP as a measure of national success.

Ever thought about the ecological impact of your pets? According to Erik Assadourian of Transforming Cultures, the dogs of the top ten dog-owning countries require a land mass the size of New Zealand to feed them.

London mayor Boris Johnson is making a habit of standing in the way of progress. Not content with lobbying the G20 not to cap bonuses, this week he flew to New York, courtesy of British Airways, in order to speak against video conferencing.

And for those of you waiting for The Age of Stupid to reach your country, it goes international this week. The organisers are hoping to beat Star Wars’ record for the biggest ever film opening, by hosting 700 screenings in over 50 countries on the same day. Even if you live in Madagascar, there’s a premiere for you. Check out their website to see where it’s showing.

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