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Gordon Brown will go to Copenhagen

I recently had the opportunity to join in Christian Aid’s ‘Mass Visual Trespass‘, where people recorded short video messages for Gordon Brown, and they were then projected onto the side of buildings. The aim was to call on the prime minister to attend the Copenhagen climate change talks in person, rather than sending ministers and representatives. It would send a message about the seriousness of the talks, and hopefully inspire other world leaders to attend too.

The good news today is that Gordon Brown will attend the Copenhagen talks. He is the first head of state to offer, and he is urging others to follow suit. Good for him.

“Climate change presents an unprecedented challenge to humankind. But there is a solution within our grasp” Gordon Brown writes in an article for the latest issue of Newsweek. “We can not only avoid dangerous climate change, but also reduce our dependence on imported oil and build a new foundation for economic growth and job creation. Securing an agreement in Copenhagen will require world leaders to bridge our remaining differences and seize these opportunities. But I believe it can be done. And if it is necessary to clinch the deal, I will personally go to Copenhagen to achieve it. And I will be urging my fellow leaders to do so too.”

I don’t know if being hectored from the side of a power station helped him decide, and I know Christian Aid were not the only charity suggestion he attend, but it feels like a little victory all the same.

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