Reply from Lord Griffiths

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to Lord Griffiths about some comments he had made about inequality. I suggested that his view that inequality was a necessary side-effect to wealth creation wasn’t acceptable, and recommended that he read The Spirit Level. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely expecting a reply on this one, but all credit to the man, I received a short letter this morning:

Thank you for your very thoughtful letter regarding comments I made at St Paul’s Cathedral recently. Unfortunately the press reported them totally out of context and I am sending you the transcript to put that right.

I look forward to reading The Spirit Level.

Let’s hope he means what he says in that last line.

On a side note, Ed Milliband sounds like he’s read it, and it is this kind of thinking and prioritising equality that needs to run right through government and society:

We should also understand that a market economy which makes inequality significantly worse makes it much harder to tackle the problem. There are limits to what can be done but policy which helps us grow together, not apart, is an absolute priority for the future.


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