What we learned this week

  • Here’s a neat idea – GoodGuide have collected data about the ethics of various products, and made them accessible by scanning their barcode with an iPhone. Okay, so it’s probably a US thing at the moment and I don’t have an iPhone, but it sounds like the future to me. (HT Inhabitat)
  • Textiles experts have often thought that spider silk could be a future material, but have never managed to harvest or synthesize it. However, a team of 80 people have managed to create a tapestry out of spider silk, at a cost of $500,000 and four years of work. ‘Spider silking‘ has got to be one of world’s more surreal jobs.
  • A new English word is coined every 98 minutes, according to The Global Language Monitor. The top five most used words of 2009 have apparently been, in reverse order: vampire, stimulus, H1N1, Obama, and at number one… ‘twitter’. How boring.
  • Phil links to an unsurprising story that bankers are so scared of a being attacked that they’ve been buying guns. If they’re so scared, perhaps they should try not being bankers.

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