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Wealth distribution in Britain

After last week’s post on poverty in the UK, I thought I’d follow up with this graph showing the distribution of the country’s wealth. The data was released this week by the Office for National Statistics, in a report called Wealth in Great Britain (pdf).

As the image shows, wealth is badly distributed. The least wealthy half of all households own just 9% of all the wealth between them. The top fifth own 62% of all the wealth.

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  1. do why not form a political party that will insist that no members of the team (country) live off the rest that have a terrible life while the rich do nothing I believe that competition is important but inherited wealth is unfair and is the opposite to being competitive and is cheating and should never be recognised having achieved nothing without the cheating aid of unearned money from parents and grandparents. I would be more than happy to be involved with such a party.

    1. Possible, but there are already over 400 registered political parties in Britain, so it’s not easy to build a party into any kind of force. There may already be such a party among those 400!

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