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Five imaginative guerrilla gardening projects

Just thought I’d share some interesting sites from On Guerrilla Gardening, just people with their own little projects that blur the lines between social action, art, political protest and gardening.

  • Food not lawns – encouraging people to dig up their unproductive green spaces and grow some edible instead. Apparently a lawn was originally a status symbol, as it showed you were rich enough to leave land uncultivated.
  • Stories from space – miniature landscapes, insect bridges, weed nature reserves – this group celebrates nature’s own resistance to the city with mini-sculptures.
  • – providing halfway homes for wayward plants. A weed is just a plant growing in the wrong place.
  • Fallenfruit – letting people know where fruit trees grow on public land, so the fruit doesn’t go to waste. It’s an American site, but there’s no reason why there shouldn”t be more like it. Where is Luton’s fruit?
  • Hometown seeds – If everything went to pot and you had to feed yourself with what you could grow, would you know what to plant? This seed company does ‘survival seeds’ as a form of long term food storage.

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