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What does the new feed-in tariff mean for households?

For the last couple of weeks Lou has been traveling about interviewing a string of interesting people, including Jeremy Leggett from Solarcentury, the head of generation at Good Energy, and Lord Hunt from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. You can hear the results in her latest podcast for The Ecologist, which is all about the government’s new feed-in tariff and what it means for the likes of you and I.

Click here to listen to the radio documentary.


  1. Having been a renewable energy equipment designer and manufacturer for 35 years I have no complaint with the very generous feed-in tariffs on offer. Unfortunately for small scale hydro and bespoke innovative projects such as water turbine driven heat-pumps, it’s a complete disaster and I am having to abandon over 300 domestic schemes, some of which have been in planning for years.

    The problem is that to qualify for FITs all products and installers have to be accredited. OK for the large solar companies with just a few products, but for a business such as mine that build quality bespoke units, it will be totally uneconomic to get each and every product accredited and at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds each. I install what I build and provide a gvarantee of at least 10 years.

    Even the traditional waterwheel and historic installations will not qualify for the tariffs. It would appear that only large foreign manufacturers will be able to afford to go through this process and they will offer just a few standardised units which will not make best use of a site, unlike the hundreds of options that I am able to offer. It is also the end of innovation in hydro, since nobody can afford to test a plant for years without being able to sell the power to the grid.

    It is with great regret that I am being forced out of the UK domestic market that I have championed for so long.

    1. That’s a perspective I haven’t heard before. Thanks for filling us in a little bit on the certification side of things. I will look into that.

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