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The People’s Manifesto

The election campaign kicked off in the UK this week, in case you hadn’t picked up on it. I shall resist the comment on every twist and turn of the election, although I shall at some point compare the major parties from a Make Wealth History point of view.

For today however, I wanted to mention Mark Thomas’ latest project, The People’s Manifesto. Mark Thomas is a campaigning comedian who has taken on the arms trade, Coca Cola, globalisation, the banking crisis and now the state of British politics. The People’s Manifesto is the result of a long tour where the audience votes on a series of policies over the course of the evening. The winning policies have been added to the manifesto. Like all Thomas’ work, it walks a fine line between the serious and the absurd, and it’s a neat satirical statement on the disconnect between the average person and the politicians who are supposed to represent them.

Here are some sample policies:

  • There should be a maximum wage.
  • MPs should have no job other than that of MP. If MPs want a second job in order to gain a greater understanding of life outside government, then their constituents should choose which job they think would best expand their MPs horizons.
  • Everyone should be given the day off on their birthday.
  • Introduce ‘none of the above’ on ballot papers.
  • Those in favour of ID cards should be banned from having curtains.
  • There should be a public referendum before going to war.
  • The Daily Mail should be forced to print on the front of every edition the words: ‘This is a fictionalised account of the news and any resemblance to te truth is entirely coincidental.’

As it’s the People’s Manifesto, you can read it all online here, or you can get it as a book if you prefer. You can even vote for it, if you live in Bristol West, where Danny Kushlik will be running as a parliamentary candidate off the back of the manifesto.


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    1. Great blog. You really know your denim! There’s definitely a lot happening, and the more people there are patiently chipping away at the problem the better. Thanks for dropping by.

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