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Let’s hang parliament

A couple of weeks ago I expressed my preference for a hung parliament. David Cameron says it would be “damaging”, Ken Clarke says it would be “catastrophic”, but then they would say that. I am not alone in hoping that the politicians will be forced to work together.  As it turns out, 32% of the population would prefer a hung parliament to any other outcome.

Given the reforms that need to happen in our political system, a clear mandate would actually be worse. A hung parliament is forced to compromise, to reform, to listen to ideas from all sides. The government cannot pretend they have a right to railroad through an agenda that most people did not vote for.

There are a number of campaigns out to encourage a hung parliament.

  • Hang’em has a postcode search so you can enter your constiutency and vote for the candidate most likely to deliver a hung parliament.
  • Vote for a change have the same tools, saying this could be the last time anyone needs to vote tactically.


  1. Just a few weeks ago, I saw a poll where it was closer to three-quarters wanting a hung parliament. I guess Conservative and Murdoch press (The Times, The Sun) scaremongering have really had an impact.

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