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Tell your leader to Put Solar On It

I’ve featured a little ad for Globama the last couple of weeks, a campaign to get the solar panels put back on the White House. Jimmy Carter installed them in the 1970s during the last round of energy fears. Ronald Reagan removed them again. Time they went back on, don’t you think?

And while we’re at it, why stop at the White House? Let’s put them on world leader’s residences around the world, and government buildings, council offices, schools and hospitals even. But let’s start with the leaders and get them to set an example. Downing Street is a little shady, unfortunately, but the Foreign and Commonwealth Office next door has a vast south-facing roof. Cameron could start there.

Put Solar On It is a new campaign inviting world leaders to install solar. It’s the latest from the indefatigable crew at 10:10, and they’ve already got one sign-up. President Nasheed of the Maldives will have his panels fitted on the 10th of October, the 10:10:10 day of action. You can sign the petition on the website, and it looks like they’ve got a pretty international movement in mind.


  1. What a great idea for a campaign. We need to get solar energy into the limelight and what a better way to do it than get our leaders to go first- those who should be setting an example. Lets face it, they are also not short of cash! Although I wonder if Cameron would be able to claim payments from the Government’s Feed in Tariff??

    1. Up to a point, yes. The White House said it would put up solar panels. I haven’t heard about anyone else. I should revisit the campaign and post an update, thanks for the reminder.

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